The Process of Releasing and Restoring

breathe clearing space exhale inhale release releasing restore restoring Feb 21, 2023

I love the idea of taking a big giant exhale. It feels so freeing to me. It feels like a release. A letting go.


I also notice when I take a really big exhale it somehow forces me to take an even bigger inhale. And the trend continues. Giant exhale. Giant inhale. Giant exhale. Giant inhale. 


As I breathe in this way it almost feels like an offering. When I take a giant exhale I am beginning to clear space. The clearing space feels like pushing aside everything I can on a cluttered shelf and seeing that shelf for the first time for what it needs to be. A shelf that holds only the things it was meant to hold. And I breathe in. I allow the new things to come in and be placed on the shelf. 


Sometimes we think when we clear space we have to get rid of everything we’ve set aside. Not necessarily, my loves. Not necessarily. I find that once I’ve placed things off to the side I can decide what needs to go, what needs to stay, and what needs to be set aside…for now.


Clearing space can sometimes feel a bit exhausting. But I remind myself that it’s okay to feel a bit emptied out. I know that the work I’ve done clearing things away allows for the restoration to come….for the expansion to come. 


We must be in the process of letting go of something in order to expand- in order to grow. 


So I ask you this:

Is there anything you need to gently release your grip on?

Is there anything you need to set down momentarily or even permanently?


EXHALE: release

INHALE: restore


EXHALE: clear

INHALE: restore


EXHALE: set it aside

INHALE: restore

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