I guide women who are adapting to health changes on a journey to obtain clarity, reclaim their joy and achieve vitality from the inside out. 


Let’s build a movement together that takes us closer to freedom from dieting and toward feeling good in our own skin. 

Do you find yourself wondering how you’ve ended up feeling so overloaded, overworked, and run down?


You wonder if there are foods you can incorporate that would help your gut feel better.

You want to nourish your body but you feel overwhelmed by all the information that is out in the world.

You’ve watched other women experience "healthy living" only to find yourself thinking...


“I’ll never have time to figure this out...how the hell does she find the time to have it all together?”


Let’s face it, we aren’t 20 anymore. Can I get an “AMEN?” (You couldn't pay me to go backwards. Ha!) The deal is... YES... we aren’t any younger, but we are TRULY... a WHOLE LOT WISER!


The wisdom comes from knowing you want to make a change to better your health, but you don’t have the support and accountability or the energy to figure out what you need.


No worries, love! I’VE GOT YOU!!

Let’s build a movement that takes us closer to freedom from dieting and feeling good in our own skin. 

The course I provide will help to give you the confidence, clarity and focus you need to begin feeling good again.



MariCarmen L.

Kerri is an incredibly kind-hearted coach whose expertise and knowledge in the field of nutrition and wellness shines. She gave me space for my personal experiences to be shared with excellent tips that were a game changer for my overall health.

It is very clear to me that Kerri’s knowledge about nutrition and health is vast. Her expertise is so extensive! I love learning from Kerri and implementing the simple changes she recommends.

Tara D.


YOU ARE a woman who feels overworked, tired and overwhelmed by all the health & wellness knowledge that’s in the world and is constantly bombarding you. You feel stuck and unable to move forward because you feel like in order to be “healthy” you have to try “all the things” but don’t have the energy to figure out what “the things” are. 

YOU FEEL run down and collapse in bed at night totally exhausted. You have tried all the diets only to feel like a failure, constantly judging yourself and your body. You struggle with overeating and feel guilty for not taking care of yourself mentally and physically. 

YOU WANT to feel hopeful, experience joy, understand your body without judging it and feel good in your own skin.

 YOU NEED a blueprint for success on your journey with nutrition without the restrictions and rules the health & wellness world tries to cram down your throat.

THAT'S WHY I created an introductory course just for you.

“Nutrition Without Sacrifice: Your Blueprint to Feeling Good in Your Own Skin.”


Hey, I’m Kerri...


My journey to helping myself as well as my clients reclaim vitality will likely sound familiar to you.


Spoiler Alert: Good News Is Ahead.


Four years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. Combining this thyroid condition with perimenopause hormone changes, I found that I had countless questions and few answers about my health. It seemed like nearly everyone I sought help from couldn’t put the puzzle pieces together either. 

So, I scratched my own itch and became the curious holistic health and wellness expert that I needed to begin my healing process.

Fast forward to the present, I’ve integrated tools and techniques inspired by functional medicine to restore my own health.


Here’s what I’ve learned: it doesn’t have to be hard.

I can’t wait to share with you how to implement simple changes that will make a huge impact on how vibrant you feel. 


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